Federal Regulation Finder (RegFinder)


Federal Regulation Finder is intended to help you find regulations of interest based on criteria you enter. The resulting regulations are NOT to be read as those to which you are subject. Please contact relevant parties to help determine applicability.


RegFinder helps find environmental regulations and resources using a variety of search criteria, enabling users to:
  • Search for regulations using a keyword, chemical name, or NAICS code
  • View the full text of regulations in the Code of Federal Regulations
  • View the section(s) of the US Code (law) that are implemented by the regulations
  • View related proposed rules that have not yet been finalized
  • Save your favorite regulations and searches
  • Access links to the EPA program(s) that support a regulation, often including guidance
  • View the list of chemicals included under a given regulation


RegFinder connects several existing Federal and EPA data sources:
  • Data from the Government Publishing Office (GPO) for US Code (laws) and CFRs (regulations)
  • Data from the Federal Register for recently finalized rules and proposed rules
  • Data from EPA catalogs and shared services:
    • Laws and Regulations Service (LRS) – An online catalog of EPA Regulations
    • Substance Registry Service (SRS) – An online catalog of EPA regulated substances
    • North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) service – An online catalog of industry types
    • Enterprise Vocabulary – An online catalog of common EPA terms
Regfinder data is refreshed at the following intervals:
  • CFR and US Code data is updated each winter with the new annual editions provided by GPO
  • Substance data is retrieved in real time from SRS
  • Data on proposed and recently finalized rules is retrieved in real time from federalregister.gov
  • EPA program, organization, common law name, substance list, NAICS code, and keyword associations are reviewed with programs annually and updated as needed

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